September 2, 2019 Let’s Laugh About Death #10 - Mike Westendorf (Journalist/Manager of an Independent Newspaper)

Release date: 09/02/19

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Let's Laugh about Death - The dramedy podcast that celebrates life while contemplating the inevitable with Host Tim Rooney - of the popular Amazon Prime film series Haunted Saginaw.

This week, my guest is Mike Westendorf. Mike is someone who was a friend of our mutual friend, James. We both knew of each other, but only met for the first time at James' funeral. This episode allowed us to get to know each other a little bit better and I'm grateful for that. 

During our conversation, we discuss at great length our friendships with James. We also discuss different alternative concepts about the afterlife such as Quantum Immortality as well as the theory of Rare Earth. 

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