July 6, 2020 Let’s Laugh About Death #24 - James Richard Lane (DJ, Musician, traveler, Price Is Right winner)

Release date: 07/06/2020

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Let's Laugh About Death - The dramedy podcast that celebrates life while contemplating the inevitable with Host Tim Rooney - of the popular Amazon Prime film series Haunted Saginaw.


Today, my guest is James Richard Lane. James is DJ, a musician, a radio show host, a podcast host, a "The Price Is Right" winner, and the first person I ever talked to that has been to all 50 states! During the episode, we have a great talk about all of these experiences and even touch on the concept of having your "15 minutes of fame". 


Here are a bunch of cool links that I got from James that you should check out:

A video of him winning on "The Price is Right" and almost knocking over Aisha Tyler. 

An article of him about visiting all 50 states.

A link to a livestream performance of his solo project "Pelvis Presley" on the Underground Music Showcase.

Check out his podcast "The Shaky Experience."

Check out his band also named "The Shaky Experience".

And listen to his weekly show as a radio host/DJ at 92.9FM Open Media/ 89.3 HD3 Kuvo under the "Local" section.




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