August 3, 2020 Let’s Laugh About Death #28 - Matana Jacobs (Coach and host of the podcast “Hope to Recharge with Matana”)

Release date: 08/03/20


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Let's Laugh About Death - The dramedy podcast that celebrates life while contemplating the inevitable with host Tim Rooney - of the popular Amazon Prime film series Haunted Saginaw.


Today, my guest is Matana Jacobs.  She is the host of "Hope to Recharge - with Matana" a podcast that supports and gives advice to those dealing with depression and anxiety. She describes growing up with nothing in Israel, which helped drive her desire to travel and see the world. We discuss her life now and how one period in time helped her to develop the program she has now. 


When asked the question of "what do you think happens when we die?", Matana gave some very inspiring concepts from the Jewish faith of "collecting a nest egg for the afterlife."



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