September 14, 2020 Let’s Laugh About Death #34 - Carl G. Moose (

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Let's Laugh About Death - The dramedy podcast that celebrates life while contemplating the inevitable with host Tim Rooney - of the popular Amazon Prime film series Haunted Saginaw.


Today, my guest is Carl G. Moose. Carl is someone who studied directly under Bob Proctor (for those who don't know of Bob, he is one of the foremost advocates of the Law of Attraction.)  Carl is someone who helps people discover their focus to enable to laser in on what it is that they are meant to do to be successful in life.  He is the proprietor of "Find Your Focus". 

When asked the question of "What do you think happens when we die?", Carl describes his concept of the what comes next from three different points of view.  He has a degree in Geology, so from a physical level we discuss what happens on a molecular level. We also discuss from a intellectual level of what you leave behind that you will be remembered for,  as well as a spiritual level of how everything is  connected. 


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